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Atwood Concert Hall Technical InformationFred Sager
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Discovery Theatre Technical InformationMark Florez
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Sydney Laurence Theatre Technical InformationWendy Odden
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Elvera Voth Hall Technical InformationCindy Hamilton
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Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts is a multi-venue performing arts center that has hosted everything from big Broadway shows to important lecturers, from weddings and banquets to ballet and jazz, and from comedians to classical music. This world-class facility's four performance spaces, large adjoining lobbies and support areas comprise 176,000 square feet, taking up just over a one-block area.

One of Anchorage's most unique gathering places, the Alaska Center is where people come to celebrate the performing arts and other important social occasions. Each year the Alaska Center hosts over 600 performances and events featuring over 4,000 amateur and professional performers and attended by more than 240,000 patrons.

The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts offers beautiful lobbies and four amazing venues for your consideration when planning your next performance or event. Aside from traditional performing arts concerts, the facility has hosted trade shows, conventions, weddings, sit-down or buffet dinners, high school proms, and as many more activities as there are imaginative planners.

The traditional performing arts season runs from September 1 through May 31 annually. The Center's Resident Companies have access to the calendar for scheduling their performances until February 1 of each year. After that date, depending on the type of event you are planning, the calendar is available for the coming year. All date requests must be in writing.

To facilitate your planning, you can download our Booking & Scheduling Policy and Priorities, as well as a Booking Request Form. For details and calendar availability, please contact Cindy Hamilton, Director of Client Services, at 263-2919 or

Users and potential users of the facility may place a hold on any date. First, second and third holds will be allowed and released and/or contracted in the appropriate order. Holds are generally allowed indefinitely up to 40 days prior to the event or until challenged. Contact Cindy for further details.

Please note that the Center provides NO exclusivity or protection for promoters/presenters offering similar events at any time.


  • Booking Request Form: Online Version   Download Adobe PDF file
  • Front of House Information Sheet: Online Version   Download Adobe PDF file
  • Theatre Operations Information Sheet: Online Version   Download Adobe PDF file


  • Backstage Policies: Download Adobe PDF file
  • Banner Policy and ApplicationDownload Adobe PDF file
  • Booking and Scheduling Policy: Download Adobe PDF file
  • General Booking Procedures: Download Adobe PDF file
  • Rental Rates: Download Adobe PDF file
  • Resident Company Status Procedures: Download Adobe PDF file
  • Usage Regulations: Download Adobe PDF file

Rental Rates effective July 1, 2011 - Rates are subject to change without notification.

Venue Weekday Timeframe Non-Profit Commercial
Atwood Concert Hall Fri-Sat 8am-Midnight $1,870 $3,097*
Atwood Concert Hall Sun-Thurs 8am-Midnight $1,700 $3,097*
Discovery Theatre Fri-Sat 8am-Midnight $730 $1,244*
Discovery Theatre Sun-Thurs 8am-Midnight $672 $1,244*
Sydney Laurence Theatre Fri-Sat 8am-Midnight $467 $ 772*
Sydney Laurence Theatre Sun-Thurs 8am-Midnight $421 $ 772*
Elvera Voth Hall Mon-Sun 8am-Midnight $329 $329
Skybridge Mon-Sun 8am-Midnight $334 $334
Patron’s Lounge Mon-Sun 8am-Midnight $167 $167

*Or 12.5% of gross ticket sales, whichever is the greater amount.


Venue Non-Profit Commercial
Atwood Concert Hall $888 $1,350*
Discovery Theatre $432 $537*
Sydney Laurence Theatre $223 $339*
Elvera Voth Hall $106 $106*


Venue Rate
Lorene Harrison Lobby (one level plus street level) 4 hour minimum $146/hr
Lorene Harrison Lobby: Remaining Levels $88/hr
Carr/Gottstein Lobby (one level plus street level) 4 hour minimum $146/hr
Carr/Gottstein Lobby: Remaining Levels $88/hr
Overtime (before 8 AM and after 12 AM) $106/hr
Patron’s Lounge  (capacity 50) $167/Event
Cleaning Deposit (refundable) $500
If Additional Cleaning Needed $26/hr
Reception in conjunction with the rental of a performing space with a 4/hr period $292


Venue Non-Profit Commercial
Atwood Concert Hall $888 $1,350*
Discovery Theatre $432 $537*
Sydney Laurence Theatre $223 $339*


Venue Capacity Timeframe Non-Profit Commercial
Atwood Concert Hall (max 300 patrons) 8am-Midnight $888 $1,145
Discovery Theatre (max 100 patrons) 8am-Midnight $537 $667
Sydney Laurence Theatre (max 50 patrons) 8am-Midnight $287 $432


Venue Non-Profit Commercial
Atwood Concert Hall $677 $964
Discovery Theatre $398 $514
Sydney Laurence Theatre $170 $321
Elvera Voth Hall $106 $106


Venue Timeframe Non-Profit Commercial
Atwood Concert Hall 8am-Midnight $713 $1,010
Discovery Theatre 8am-Midnight $421 $543
Sydney Laurence Theatre 8am-Midnight $199 $339
Elvera Voth Hall 8am-Midnight $156 $156


Venue Rate
Atwood Concert Hall $53 per side/week
Discovery Theatre $21 per side/week
Sydney Laurence Theatre $21 per side/week


Overtime is charged as follows for any portion of an hour which goes after Midnight or before 8 AM

Venue Capacity Non-Profit Commercial
Atwood Concert Hall   $145/hr $205hr
Discovery Theatre   $117/hr $145/hr
Sydney Laurence Theatre $88/hr $117/hr
Elvera Voth Hall Capacity-120 w/small Reception set-up
Capacity – 80 with sit down dinner
$78/hr $78hr
Skybridge Capacity w/catering - 85
Capacity w/o catering - 120
$80/hr $80/hr


Fee Type Service Cost
Elvera Voth Hall Audio Fee The Center staff will set up simple wired mic w/playback $50
Theatrical Lighting Fee If lighting plot is changed from set plot (qualified crew required) $50


Fee Type Qty Service
Atwood Concert Hall (6) 6-ft tables with full linen (skirted ONLY for food and beverage service)
Discovery Theatre (4) 6-ft tables with full linen (skirted ONLY for food and beverage service)
Sydney Laurence Theatre (2) 6-ft tables with full linen (skirted ONLY for food and beverage service)
Elvera Voth Hall TBD Chairs; 4-ft, 6-ft & 8ft rectangle tables, easels, mirrors
Elvera Voth Hall, cont’d (4) of each High Top and Short Cocktail Tables

Rental Rates effective July 1, 2011 - Rates are subject to change without notification.


  • A minimum of two (2) hours must separate scheduled performances and any Event that is using a public space adjacent to the theatre.
  • Lobby spaces will not be rented when both a matinee and evening performance have been scheduled on the same day in any theatre.
  • If the Discovery Theatre and Sydney Laurence Theatre are both in use, then the Carr/Gottstein Lobby will not be available for rent for a separate activity.
  • All lobby setups must conform to quality standards established by The Center. All tables placed in the lobbies must have tablecloths and skirts which will be provided under normal circumstances.  If tables are to be used for food or beverage and then tables will be skirted only and User must provide tablecloths.
  • The Center requires all Users to provide proof of adequate insurance coverage as outlined in User Agreement.
  • All lobby Events & receptions must be catered by The Center approved caterers. (See page 15 of the Usage Regulations.)
  • If audio or lighting needs to be attended to during Event a qualified crew must be hired at the expense to the Client.
  • No Stage Manager is required for regular meetings or receptions.  If there is a production of a show then a qualified Stage Manager is required.
  • Once we are notified of what the client needs are, the equipment will be set in the Hall for client to set.
  • Hall must be struck at the end of the Event and left as the client found it.
  • Catering room must be cleared of any items loaded in for each Event.
  • A minimum cleaning fee of $500.00 will be charged if Event activities warrant (ex. confetti cleanup).


Nonprofit Organizations who rent space on a flat rate basis (i.e., not the block rate) can accrue additional savings depending on the total value of the rental contract.

Total Value of rental contract Discount
$ 5,150 - 10,499 10%
$10,500 - 15,749 13.75%
$15,750 - 20,999 17.50%
$21,000 - 26,249 21.25%
$26,250 & up 25%


A rental deposit is due upon signing the User Agreement contract. If tickets are sold for the Event, 50% of the total estimated rental charges will be due; if no tickets are being sold, the deposit will be 100% of total estimated charges. Dependent upon the nature of the Event, The Center may require an additional damage / cleaning deposit. If an Event is contracted less than 45 days out from the date of the Event, 100% rental is required.

Event Cancelled Refund Amount
Less than 120 days No refund
Over 120 days 50% refund

PENALTIES: A 5 percent (5%) rent surcharge shall be levied on a per Event basis on those users that do not give The Center an accurate written schedule of their facility activities within five (5) business days of the first scheduled day of use. Changes to Event type with less than 24 hours notice to The Center Booking & Events Department may be charged at a rate of two times the rate of the Event type.


$1.00 per paid single ticket with a non-refundable minimum due in advance

  1. Atwood Concert Hall minimum: $550.00
  2. Discovery Theatre minimum: $210.00
  3. Sydney Laurence Theatre minimum: $80.00
  4. Voth Hall/Skybridge/other minimum: $50.00

$0.25 per complimentary ticket
$0.50 per ticket returned by promoter to CenterTix for public sale
$1.00 per flex subscription ticket sold by User
$0.25 per fixed subscription ticket sold by User
$3.00 MOA fee per paid ticket (both single and subscription) sold by User*
Service charge per single ticket sold by User**
Plus reimburse bank fees associated with CenterTix ticket sales(currently 2.6% ,subject to increase)
Plus applicable miscellaneous fees***

* MOA fee is a Municipality of Anchorage fee(revised affective on 9/7/2010) which is collected on behalf of the Municipality by The Center, Inc. This fee is not collected for complimentary tickets or for tickets to be used by youth (ages 18 and younger).
** Service charge is 9% of the ticket price rounded up to the nearest quarter with a $6.00 maximum ($7.00 per ticket for Broadway shows). Service charges are collected per ticket for each single ticket sold. Subscription tickets are exempt from this service charge.
*** Miscellaneous Ticketing Fees

  1. $200.00 rush setup fee per Event if tickets are required less than 7 calendar days after the complete CenterTix Ticket Setup Form is submitted to CenterTix
  2. $100.00 plus $50.00 per hour of labor for changes made to an Event after it has been submitted to CenterTix (does not apply to additional discounts which can be added free of charge provided 24 hour written notice as well as associated coupons and promotional materials are provided and approved in advance)
  3. Cancellation fees are paid per cancelled performance. The cancellation fee is the total ticketing fees accrued by the User for the performance at the time it was cancelled. Please note: Rescheduling a performance is treated as a cancellation and a new build with regard to User ticket fees.

***Current rates subject to change without notifice.

Patron Information to be included in Program

The Center's Patron Information provides all the valuable information patrons need - from directions to the Center's conveniences like restrooms and coat checks, to outlining Center policies and procedures regarding performances - in order to make the most of their experiences at the Center. It is the Center's goal to provide a fully enjoyable and safe experience for all of our patrons. Our Vice President, front-of-house staff and ushers work together with our presenters in order to accomplish this, and to ensure that your visits to the Center are as positive and fulfilling as possible.
Download Adobe PDF file Patron Information

Production Policies

The statistics and information contained in the documents listed are supplied to provide comprehensive technical information about the Alaska Center's theatres, technical requirements, available equipment, policies and more. Please note that any dimensions critical to your production should be checked on site, prior to the event. If you have questions or need more information regarding these documents, please call the Production Manager assigned to the theatre where your production is scheduled to take place.