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Anne Garrett

Director of Development and Marketing

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Individual Donors

Endowment Founder's Fund

Dorothy L. Doubleday

Ruth R. Hart

Producer's Circle - $5,000 and up.

Estate of Jeannine Lyerly

Tom and Tennys Owens

Director's Circle - $2,500 to $4,999

Shawn Beck

Jacqueline Carr

Barbara Garner

David A. Moeller, M.D

David and Alexandra Sonneborn

John and Kathy Trautner

Presenter Level - $1,500 to $2,499

Don and Joan Bantz

Carolyn Ellingwood and Dave Bateman

Jennifer Dow

Craig and Amy Fredeen

Joy and Rick Golden

Dave, Nancy, and Billy Harbour

Marcus Holmquist and Irina Grimberg

Gary and Jane Klopfer - Snowgoose Restaurant & Brewery, LLC

Alan, Barbara and Jaclyn Marugame

Cortney M. Moore

Henry and Juna Penney

Fran Rose and Barb and Even Rose

Fred and Laurel Stutzer

Sponsor - $1,000 to $1,499

Jennifer and Ken Alexander

Dr. Janet Alexander and Mr. Chris Alexander

The Bleicher Family

Tom and Holly Buskirk

Melodee Parker Chandler and Frank Chandler

Brian Chen and Tim Pearson

Suzanne Cherot

Dr. and Mrs. William R. Clark

Gretchen Cuddy

Susan and James DiMaggio

Barney and Rachel Gottstein

Lee Holmes

Linda and Leah Kumin

David and Betsy Lawer

Sue Linford

Eilisa and Randall Maes

Peter and Fran Marbarger

Tom and Mary Ann Morahan

Maggie and Mike Price

Katy Nalley

Deborah B. and John W. Sedwick

Ronald, Jane, Thomas and James Simono

John and Donna Tracy

Charlotte Tharp

In Memory of Davey

Patron - $500 to $999


Jo Ann and Larry Asher

Erin and Brad Authier

TerriLee Bartlett

Chuck and Micky Becker

Judy and Chris Bockmon

Ruth Botstein

Paula and Raymond Brady

Michael and Pamela Bruno

Beverly Burns and Phillip Cerveny

Marti Buscaglia and Tim Dabney

Frank Butto

Helene Cartwright

Douglas and Kathleen Clark

Jeff Clarke and Kris Ryan-Clarke

Colt Coady

Jayna and Sam Combs

Dennis and Carol Comeau

Steven and Karen Compton

Sharon Davies

Evelyn DuBois

Brian and Sandy Durrell

Nancy Eliason

Stacey, John and Jack Finley

Heather Flynn

John Fraser and Joshua Cuddy

Kim Fraser

Charlotte Gill

Bernd and Paula Guetschow

Evan Hall and Jason Hodges

Mark and Patty Hamilton

Cindy Hamilton

Hank Harrison

Richard Helm

Lou Ann and Stephen Hennig

Robert and Monica Klein

Mark and Julie Korting

Ryan Jaramillo and Christie Watson

Carolyn and David Johnston

Barbara Lavallee

Denis and Dana LeBlanc

Cindy Leong

Loren and Susan Lounsbury

Russell and Beth Ann Lowney

Susan Luetters

Jacquelyn Lyerly in Memory of Jeannine Lyerly

Kim, Melodie and Pat Mackey

Thomas Manson and Ursula Gould

Bill and Bonnie Mehner

Patti and Ernest Meinhardt

Collin Middleton

Mary Ann Molitor

Mary Ann and G. Thomas Morahan

Mark Musial

Jim and Judy Powell

Marilyn McKay and George Rhyneer

Tim and Ann Rittal

Jennifer Roberts and David Oryall

Nina Bonito Romine and Andrew Romine

Jim and Flo Rooney

Richard M. Rosston

Fred Sager

Max and Ellen Schwenne

Diann Sewald

Lynn Shaver and Jim Stanley

Jennifer Sierra

Sharon Smith and Tom Hunt

Patricia and Jack Smith

Griff Steiner and LB Gregory

Faye and Christopher Stiehm

John and Amanda Strebe

Tillman Family

Dave and Marcia Trudgen

Dave and Nan Tomasko

Carla and David Wight

Mary Willis-Kiessling and Bruce Kiessling

Linda Winters

Jon C. and Stephanie Zuck

The Parkvala's

Associate - $100 to $499


Loyd Aschowak

Gary and Barbara

Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Belzer

Pamela Bergmann

Betty Bivins

Michael Burrell

Curtis Callender

Morgan Christen and Jim Torgerson

Jean von Dohrmann

David Eaton

Noelle Fenton

Dave and Donna Fitzgerald

Michele Girault

Larry and Dahna Graham

George and Aase Haugen

Roy Helms

Kenneth Holmes

Peter and Sharon Hulman

Craig and Pat Kauffman

Siri Hari Hari Singh and Amrit Kaur Khalsa

in Memory of Eben and Shirley Lewis

Barb and Vince Mee

M. Campisi and R. Meeks

Corbett Mothe

Bob and Sharon Manning

Daniel Miller

Julie Millington

Daina Mirsch-Wenner

Joanna Nardini

Judy Peipher

Kathryn Price

Toni Prockish in Memory of Nina Prockish

John and Carolyn W. Rader

Lana Ramos

Don and Georgia Rogers

Rachel Runyan

Pixie Siebe

Jan and Gail Sieberts

Michael Smith

Charles Stiver

Margaret Stock

Janice Tingler

Michael Tullius<

Virgil Vochoska

JSusan M. Williams

Charlie and Cindy Yoder

Stefan Zijlstra

Donor - up to $99

Antony Alvarez

Steven Gabriel Alvarez

Brenda Bergsrud

Carl and Joan Borash

Harold and Shirley Braspenninckx

James Brodie

James Cabeen

Whitney Clemons

Gregory Datri

Trevor Eastman

Clydene Fitch

Melissa Free

Kathleen Grace

Myles Gobeille

Rachel Greenberg

Jaclyn Greenstein

Anne Grosshans

Ann Hale

Sara Haley

Brent Hanson

Jennifer Harlos

Kathleen Harper

Allison Hewey

Bailey Holt

Timmy James

Sharon Jefferis

Megan Ledger

Gwendolyn Luther

Nina Mann

Elizabeth Mans

George and Caryl Morgan

Kaitlyn Morrison

Elizabeth Mylius

Fritz G. Nagel

Jerry Nasenbeny

Susan Owen

Harvey Pete

Andrea Petersen

Zoya Ponomareva

Ruth Quinlan

Samantha Ray

Cynthia Richardson

Jeffrey Rivet

Stephen Schaffer

Zachary Schaffer

Edmund Schuster

Shana Sheehy

Emilee Smith

Shondra Smyth

Kali Spencer

Rachel Sutphin-Kocher

Kristopher Tolson

Aaron Tenge

Patrick Thompson

Jessica Walker

Jeanine Wheeler

Phillip Wiley

Williams Family

Jocelyn Wilson


Corporate Donors

Producer's Circle ($5,000 and up)

Attwood Foundation
Atwood Foundation

Rasmuson Foundation
Rasmuson Foundation

Owens Group, LLC
Owens Group, LLC

Director's Circle ($2,500 - $4,999)

Pick.Click.Give - the PFD Charitable Contributions Program Donors
Pick.Click.Give - the PFD Charitable Contributions Program Donors

Presenter ($1,500 - $2,499)

Alaska Permanent Capital Management
Alaska Permanent Capital Management

Cook Inlet Tribal Council
Cook Inlet Tribal Council

Kaladi Brothers Coffee
Kaladi Brothers Coffee Co.

Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo

Sponsor ($1,000 - $1,499)

Alaska Vein Clinic
Alaska Vein Clinic

Anchorage Concert Chorus
Anchorage Concert Chorus

Birch, Horton, Bittner, and
Cherot Inc.
Statewide Door and Glass

Bradley Reid and Associates
Bradley Reid + Associates

Odom Corporation
ODOM Corporation

Statewide Door and Glass
Statewide Door and Glass

Oasis Environmental
OASIS Environmental

Patron ($500 - $999)

Alaska Brands Group

Anchorage Concert Association

Limon & Walker

RSA Engineering, Inc.

Sunshine Promotions

The Law Offices of Frank S. Kozial

Associate (up to $499)


Founding Donors

Founding Partners


Robert B. Atwood Foundation

Larry and Wilma Carr

Barney and Rachel Gottstein


Duty Free Shoppers of Alaska

First National Bank Alaska

Janssen Contracting, Inc.

Keyboards West

Northern Television, Inc.

Westmark Hotels, Inc.

Yamaha Music Corporation, USA

Distinguished Founders

ALPAC/Pepsi Cola Bottling Company Alaska

Anchorage Concert Association

Anchorage Daily News

Arco Alaska, Inc.

BP Exploration

Gregory M. Carr Family

MW Odom / Coca Cola

NC Machinery Company

Rasmuson Foundation

Skinner Foundation



Air Force Band of the Pacific Holiday Concert Series

Atwood Foundation
Atwood Foundation

Partners in Education

Anchorage School District
Anchorage School District

Effective Organizations

Rasmuson Foundation
Rasmuson Foundation

Ushering in the Arts Program


First National Bank Alaska
First National Bank Alaska

Members of the UITA Program